You Deserve Custom Dress Shirts

custom dress shirts imageAverage Men By Off The Rack

It is true, the everyday Joe Blow buys whatever is available at the store and he ends up looking like a carbon copy of every other guy without much style. If you are reading this article, then you have to be the type of man who cares about how he looks. You must also know that how you present yourself matters in this world. Not only do you know these things but you are also the type of guy who pays attention to details, devils, designer clothes and all things that are intended to drape a dapper dresser.

Bespoke Clothing

If you have any interest in fashion, then you eventually want clothing that is custom made for you. Bespoke tailor is all about making one-off pieces that are specifically designed for one person. When it comes to custom dress shirts this means that they perfectly fit your body. They don’t only look good but they function better than anything that you are able to buy off the rack. They are made for men like you who care, who are stylish and who want and deserve the very best that their money can buy.

What Makes Custom Dress Shirts Different

One of the tell tale signs of a bespoke dress shirt is how it fits and how it looks. Take out any dress shirt that you have bought off the rack and try it on. Take a look at where the seams of the shirt lie that connect the body and the sleeves at the shoulders. On a bespoke dress shirt, this seem will fit perfectly with the shoulder, giving it a neat and streamlined look. It will also make your chest look better and it will not have any of the sloppy bagginess or misaligned should seams that your average dress shirt has.

As you can see, a custom dress shirt is for guys who care. Most guys do not care about something as simple as a dress shirt but you are different. If you weren’t different, then you wouldn’t have read this article. Since you have read this article, this tells us that you care about the details, that you care about fit, finish and having the very best. Lastly, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase a custom shirt that will perfectly fit your body.