All About A Chiropodist

Mississauga chiropodistMost people do not know anything about a chiropodist. In layman’s terms, a chiropodist is basically a podiatrist, or a doctor who specializes in treating feet problems. The term “chiropodist” was first used by a corn cutter and inn keeper, Mr David Low.

So what exactly does a chiropodist do? It begins when a person is experiencing pain or discomfort in their feet. They visit this doctor and explain the problem going on. Then, the doctor examines the feet and determines whether or not further tests are needed. This may include ordering blood work or x-rays. If the patient has any concerns or questions, this would be the time they discuss it with the doctor.

Once the Mississauga chiropodist knows what the problem is, he or she will begin coming up with a plan for treatment. With all of the different foot problems one could have, the treatment will depend on the diagnosis. Some problems can be treated through simple methods, like therapy or medication. Other, more serious problems, such as tumors or bone spurs, may require surgery. Most of these doctors have special training that allows them to do the surgery themselves. There are even certain preventive measures the doctor can take to stop their patient from developing further issues. If this doctor is not trained to perform surgery, he or she will refer his patient to someone who is.

Routine care is another part of a chiropodist’s job. Certain patients may have physical problems that prevent them from caring for their feet. Simple things, like cutting their toenails or cuticles, may be impossible for them to do. This specialist can do these tasks for their patient. They are also able to perform removal of calluses, corns, and bunions. If their patient has an infection or athlete’s foot, the doctor can treat these conditions as well.